Charlotte de Witte & KNTXT present new label, Époque

Charlotte de Witte & KNTXT present new label, Époque

A Belgian label & nightlife archive.

KNTXT and Charlotte de Witte have unveiled the launch of Époque, which aims to capture “the spirit of discotheque culture with clubs & labels, past & present”.

In collaboration with clubs and labels, past and present,  Époque captures the spirit and lifestyle of the Belgian bygone discotheque culture.

The imprint will remix iconic tracks, bring back dance classics, and use club memories and aesthetics to translate them into unique new tracks produced by the current electronic scene.

In line with the launch of Époque, Charlotte de Witte has also shared the label’s first release, her own rework of Push’s ‘Universal Nation’.

Released in 1998 and originally written by Push as a B side for a different project, ‘Universal Nation’ quickly solidified its reputation at the turn of the century as an iconic and defining track of this era in electronic music history.

Listen to a preview of ‘Push – Universal Nation (Charlotte de Witte Rework)’ below, and pre-order your copy here.

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