Chris Stussy debuts on FUSE with ‘Midtown Playground’

Chris Stussy debuts on FUSE with ‘Midtown Playground’

The EP includes a remix by DJ and producer Huerta.

Photo credit: Chris Stussy – Official

Renowned Dutch DJ and producer Chris Stussy recently released his new EP titled ‘Midtown Playground’ on Enzo Siragusa’s iconic imprint, FUSE.

The lead single, ‘Midtown Playground’, showcases Stussy’s distinctive sound with instantly recognizable synths, a captivating lead melody, and infectious percussion. The EP also features ‘From The Delicate Mist Of Morning’, offering a more subtle yet mesmerizing experience for listeners. Additionally, the previously unreleased track ‘Blueprint’ demonstrates Stussy’s talent for creating compelling yet playful grooves.

Huerta’s remix of ‘From The Delicate Mist Of Morning’ takes listeners on a deep and breezy journey through cosmic realms. Furthermore, digital purchasers will receive the bonus track ‘Mythical Power’, designed to ignite late-night dancefloors.

Listen to ‘Midtown Playground’ below and download your copy here.

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