Christian Löffler announces new album ‘A Life’, shares single

Christian Löffler announces new album ‘A Life’, shares single

The song features a collaboration with vocalist Malou.

Photo credit: Christian Löffler – Official

Christian Löffler has collaborated with vocalist Malou for his latest single, ‘Roused’. The single is now available on Ki Records and serves as the opening piece from Löffler’s upcoming album, ‘A Life’, which is scheduled for release in April 2024.

In ‘Roused’, Löffler combines powerful, punchy, and ethereal sonic elements, showcasing his ability to evoke emotions through music. The driving beats intertwine with Malou’s emotionally charged vocals. Through ‘Roused’, Löffler offers listeners a glimpse into his inner world, where desires and contemplation coexist, subtly tinged with nostalgia.

“This track represents a new beginning for me. It signifies a transition into a more positive and hopeful sonic realm, awakening a sound that has long resided within me but has rarely been used in recent times,” explains Christian Löffler.

With his upcoming album, ‘A Life’, Löffler delves into unexplored territory by exploring the influence of artificial intelligence in music and reflecting on his personal musical journey.

Listen to ‘Roused’ below and download your copy here.

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