Cody Chase returns with new single ‘Grinding’

Cody Chase returns with new single ‘Grinding’

Now available through his own imprint Chasin Records.

Photo credit: Cody Chase – Official

North American DJ & producer Cody Chase has released his latest tech house cut entitled ‘Grinding’ via Chasin Records.

‘Grinding’ begins with a rhythmic synth line and a shuffled beat that gradually builds momentum. The track’s intensity is enhanced by the addition of a bassline, vocal chops, and sonic details. By combining beats, basslines, and hooks, ‘Grinding’ elevates the energy levels of its listeners.

Cody Chase is not only a producer but also a live DJ who has performed at renowned venues such as Pacha, Webster Hall, and Superior Ingredients. As the owner of Chasin Records and the host of the radio show ‘The Chase’, Cody Chase explores new creative territories.

Listen to ‘Grinding’ below and download your copy here.

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