Connect with your inner beast at the Night of the Howling Moon

Connect with your inner beast at the Night of the Howling Moon

The ritual is scheduled for the early hours of Sunday, February 25th at 3 am at the CHI WOW WAH TOWN Festival.

Photo Credit:  Chi Wow Wah Town – Official

CHI WOW WAH TOWN, Australia’s premier boutique electronic music, arts, performance, and wellness festival is thrilled to announce its highly anticipated 10th-anniversary celebration. Returning to the picturesque Lake Mokoan in Winton Wetlands, Victoria, from February 23rd to 25th, 2024, this year’s festival promises to be an extraordinary experience.

One of the highlights of the festival will be the captivating Night of the Howling Moon Ritual. Scheduled for the early hours of Sunday, February 25th, at 3 AM, festival-goers are invited to connect with their inner beast and participate in the world’s largest full moon ritual.

Taking place on the night of the full Snow Moon in Leo, this ancient ritual of howling at the moon aligns with the frequencies of the universe. Symbolizing clear and heart-centered communication, howling at the moon connects us with the natural world and each other. This transformative experience embodies CHI WOW WAH TOWN’s commitment to uplifting and inspiring rituals.

In addition to the Night of the Howling Moon Ritual, CHI WOW WAH TOWN will showcase a lineup of international and domestic artists. The festival will feature 14 renowned international acts, including Stavroz, Robag Wruhme, and Bushwacka!. Joining them on stage will be Husa & Zeyada, JPattersson, and Desert Dwellers. The festival’s lineup also includes local talent such as Lunar Disco, Infusion, and Tijuana Cartel. Joining them will be Beat & Path, Uone, and Confetti Western.

For more information and ticket purchases, visit the official CHI WOW WAH TOWN website here.

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