Cristina Lazic announces new label La Zic

Cristina Lazic announces new label La Zic

The first EP is entitled ‘Luna’ featuring remixes by Mihai Popoviciu and David Gtronic.

Photo credit: Cristina Lazic – Official

Italian artist Cristina Lazic recently announced the launch of her new label, La Zic. The label’s first EP, set to be released on March 1st, 2024, showcases her own productions, along with remixes from Mihai Popoviciu and David Gtronic.

The EP starts with ‘Luna’, a minimal house track with warm dubby undertones. It features a captivating bassline, soothing pads, and a futuristic sense of soul. Mihai Popoviciu’s remix adds a skillful rhythm and airy hi-hats for a heady and cosmic atmosphere. Another standout track is ‘Airplane Mode’ by Cristina, blending relaxed minimal rhythms with dusty hi-hats. David Gtronic remixes this track with electric funk and grooves twisting around a spiky bassline.

La Zic aims to connect with listeners and create an exciting dancefloor experience. The label’s symbol, the moon, represents elegance, femininity, and the allure of the night. It also symbolizes motherhood, balance, moods, and emotions. Cristina takes pride in being a female artist and seeks to provide a platform to uplift exceptional female talents.

In addition to running the record label, Cristina Lazic plans to support and empower artists through the MentorZic program. This program offers workshops and one-on-one sessions to help artists build confidence, plan their success, gain insights into branding and marketing, and foster creative growth. La Zic aims to become an essential resource for rising female talent in 2024 and beyond.

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