Crosstown Rebels presents SPIRITS VI compilation

Crosstown Rebels presents SPIRITS VI compilation

Featuring Lauren Lane, Cristina Lazic, AJ Christou, TMPLE, and more.

Crosstown Rebels is back with the sixth volume of its  SPIRITS compilation series. ‘SPIRITS VI’ features a talented lineup of artists including Cameron Jack, Chris Bowl, Lauren Lane, Marc Lenz, Cristina Lazic, Leia Contois, Inigo Vontier, AJ Christou, and TMPLE.

The journey begins with ‘The Vision’ by London-based artist Cameron Jack, setting the tone for what promises to be an extraordinary year. Chris Bowl follows with the emotive track ‘Silent Plain,’ showcasing deep beats and fresh melodies.

LA-based house tastemaker Lauren Lane enchants listeners with her deep house cut ‘Fair Game’. German artist Marc Lenz brings a distinctive atmosphere with his track ‘People Are People.’

Cristina Lazic and Leia Contois collaborate on the track ‘So Deep,’ blending soulful vocals with minimal drums. Mexican artist Inigo Vontier presents ‘That Trippy Sound’. AJ Christou brings his infectious groove and drum funk with ‘Back & Forth.’

Closing the compilation is TMPLE with ‘The Girl In The Room,’ featuring ethereal grooves and floating basslines, complemented by tender male vocals.

Since its debut in 2017, the SPIRITS series on Crosstown Rebels has become a platform for emerging artists, shaping the direction of the label and showcasing the best talents in the industry.

Listen to SPIRITS VI below and download your copy here.

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