Dad Of The Year presents ‘Love’ on Magician On Duty

Dad Of The Year presents ‘Love’ on Magician On Duty

Featuring 4 different remixes.

Montreal’s own DJ and producer Dad Of The Year is wrapping up the year with what might be one of his most intriguing pieces of work in the downtempo realm. He just presented ‘Love,’ a brand-new EP via the Magician On Duty label.

The musical package boasts an original track along with remixes by Landhouse, Nährwerk, AmuAmu, Richard Elcox, and Matija’s Love, making it a release brimming with top-tier sonic experiences.

‘Love’ delves into the world of low-tempo music, and with a touch of sensuality and finesse, Dad Of The Year crafts his compositions from the heart of his jungle abode. Having had a remarkable year with significant releases he closes out 2023 with this new release, further affirming his remarkable prowess in music production.

Listen to ‘Love’ below and download your copy here.

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