Danny Tenagalia personal collection to be auctioned

Danny Tenagalia personal collection to be auctioned

Hosted on Amplifyd and will include rare records, production equipment, and DJ gear.

Photo credit: Danny Tenaglia  – Amplifyd website

Danny Tenaglia’s personal collection is set to be auctioned, marking a significant moment in music history. Throughout his career, the North American DJ has amassed a valuable assortment of records, production equipment, DJ gear, and memorabilia. However, the time has come for him to part with these cherished possessions. He believes that these items should find new homes.

The auction will be hosted on Amplifyd. Music enthusiasts will have the opportunity to bid on rare records, studio gear, and DJ equipment. Danny hopes that these artifacts will find new owners who will appreciate and make use of them.

With a career spanning nearly five decades, Tenaglia has achieved global fame, starting from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, NY. Earlier this year, he faced a challenge when diagnosed with colon cancer. However, his resilience and determination have become an inspiration to all. After undergoing intensive treatments, the DJ has emerged even stronger.

Bidders can place their bids here.

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