Deer Jade debuts on Kompakt with ‘Jukurpa’

Deer Jade debuts on Kompakt with ‘Jukurpa’

Two tracks infused with the Swiss-French artist sound.

Photo Credit: Deer Jade – Official

Deer Jade  has presented her latest EP  entitled ‘Jukurpa.’ The release is now accessible via the Cologne-based label Kompakt.

First, ‘Jukurpa’ combines vigorous beats with spiritual nuances, standing out in Deer Jade’s performances. The second track ‘Cosmic Dream’ fuses dynamic beats and melodic elements, cultivating a celestial ambiance.

In Deer Jade’s words, “Producing expresses our deepest heart, to share our own pure vibration with the world. It’s mystical, very intimate, like getting out there completely naked. It’s like drawing our own portrait, writing our autobiography without a single detail unsupervised, leaving something timeless behind.”

Listen to ‘Jukurpa’ below and download your copy here.

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