Defex and Jade PraiZe collaborate on new track ‘Bite Me Back’

Defex and Jade PraiZe collaborate on new track ‘Bite Me Back’

Now available through Kittball label.

Photo Credit: The Vitorino

Co-founder of Zoo Project, Defex, has collaborated with Dutch-English artist, Jade PraiZe, on their new track, ‘Bite Me Back.’ The single is now available via Tube & Berger and Juliet Sikora’s Kittball label.

‘Bite Me Back’ commands attention from the start, creating a captivating auditory experience with its powerful bass kick and sharp hi-hat. The whispering undertones of Jade PraiZe’s “Bite – me – back” add an intriguing introduction to the song’s narrative.

The track is marked by Defex’s intense synth-bass, which sets a somber tone complemented by the layered mid-synths. These provide the perfect backdrop for Jade PraiZe’s vocals. The lyrics of ‘Bite Me Back’ tell a tale of desire, horror, and dark humor.

Discussing the creative process behind ‘Bite Me Back,’ Defex shared, ”After trying a few things that didn’t work, I played the instrumental to Jade. Her eyes were basically glowing, the vocals and lyrics came pouring out of her. It was one of those magic moments where things suddenly come together. Within two hours, it was written and all the vocals were recorded.”

Listen to ‘Bite Me Back’ below and get your copy here.

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