Denis Sulta returns with new single, ‘World of Flies’

Denis Sulta returns with new single, ‘World of Flies’

Now available through his own label, Sulta Selects.

Photo credit: Denis Sulta – Facebook

Scottish DJ Denis Sulta returns with his latest single, ‘World of Flies’. This bass-heavy house track showcases Sulta’s talent as a songwriter and vocalist.

With ‘World of Flies,’ Sulta brings his live performance experiences into the studio, resulting in a fresh sound. The track has already received a positive response, with audiences asking for Sulta’s vocals.

According to  Denis, “I didn’t have the confidence to do this before. Now, I’m starting ideas on the piano more and I’ve gained the confidence to use my own vocals on tracks. It feels like I’m writing fully-fledged songs. I began playing the track during my sets and it received a tremendous reaction. Everyone was curious about the vocal on the track and I proudly said, “It’s me!””

Since his last release, Sulta has performed at various festivals and venues including EXIT Festival, Creamfields, Bassiani, Awakenings, and Space. Sulta’s sets have garnered significant attention online, with his Boiler Room performance becoming the most-streamed sets of the year.

Listen to ‘World of Flies’ below and grab your copy here.

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