DGTL Festival unveils new ‘DGTL Dome’ art installation

DGTL Festival unveils new ‘DGTL Dome’ art installation

An immersive 360-degree holographic dome.

The upcoming DGTL Festival, set to take place at NDSM Wharf from March 29th-31st, 2024, will unveil the DGTL Dome, an immersive art installation.

This endeavor is a collaborative effort between ABN AMRO, the Stedelijk Museum, and DGTL, with the intent of promoting equal opportunities in arts and culture, addressing gender disparity, and highlighting emerging talents.

The DGTL Dome will transform festival art into a fully interactive, 360-degree holographic experience. It will showcase works from promising talents, co-curated by the Stedelijk Museum, along with performances from Coloray, Nkisi, Oceanic, and Venus Ex Machina.

Since 2013, DGTL has been a distinctive festival, emphasizing music, art, sustainability, and responsibility. Its influence has spread globally, reaching cities like New York, Los Angeles, Santiago, São Paulo, Guadalajara, Bangalore, and Mumbai.

DGTL Festival is sold out. For more info visit here.

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