Diogo Strausz drops new album ‘Samba From Outer Space’

Diogo Strausz drops new album ‘Samba From Outer Space’

Now available via Goutte d’Or Records.

The Parisian label, Goutte d’Or Records, is thrilled to announce the release of ‘Samba From Outer Space,’ the new album by Brazilian artist, Diogo Strausz. Known for his eclectic style, Strausz fuses samba, jazz-funk, and dance music.

‘Samba From Outer Space,’ Strausz’s second album, follows his ‘Flight Of Sagittarius.’ The album takes listeners on a journey through time and genres, reflecting the influences of masters like Caetano Veloso, Giorgio Moroder, and Tony Allen. This album clearly displays Strausz’s exploration of diverse styles and influences. His Brazilian roots are intermingled with Afrobeat and disco elements.

Strausz explains the album’s title, stating, “This idea of ‘Samba From Outer Space’ comes from dance music being a universal language beyond electronic but mainly a form of gathering people together in the same frequency.” He further encapsulates this idea by saying, “Electronic dance music is nothing but samba from outer space.”

In addition to launching his new album, Strausz is also gearing up for a European tour at the end of the month. He will be performing in numerous cities across the continent, including the UK and Brighton. Tickets for his performances can be purchased here.

Listen to ‘Samba From Outer Space’ below and download your copy here.

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