Discover the unknown with David Phoenix’s ‘Vision Serpent’

Discover the unknown with David Phoenix’s ‘Vision Serpent’

Released via Vision Serpent.

Artist David Phoenix  has released a new EP entitled ‘Vision Serpent’ on his own label. The package includes two solo tracks and remixes by Breger and Kaufmann.

The cuts aim to create an immersive experience, evoking an alien landscape with features such as ruddy-toned grasses, towering mycelial growths, and a crystalline river. The musical composition reflects a portrayal of a distant world populated by reptilian creatures and boulders strewn across an ochre savanna.

The debut release marks the commencement of the Vision Serpent label’s catalog, presenting an auditory journey into uncharted territories. The fresh material invites listeners to explore these sonic dimensions, maintaining a neutral tone and providing a factual overview of the musical content and the artists involved.

Listen to‘Vision Serpent’ below and get your copyhere.

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