Diving Deep with “Beautiful”: An Afro House Essential

Diving Deep with “Beautiful”: An Afro House Essential

NYC’s always been a melting pot of sounds, but every now and then, something stands out amidst the cacophony. “Beautiful”, the collaboration between LOFT 93, XtetiQsoul, and Cebow M, brings that rhythmic Afro House groove that feels like a cool night in the city.

XtetiQsoul, no stranger to the Afro House aficionados, has a history of crafting sounds that echo deep within. His signature “Remix Beast” vibe still holds weight in the underground, with past tracks leaving indelible marks.

Then there’s LOFT 93, whose smooth vocals in “Beautiful” take you on a journey. Not overpowering, not underselling — just right. His previous jams have warmed up many a dance floor, but with this track, it’s more than just getting your feet moving. It’s about feeling the rhythm, the heart, the soul.

And Cebow M? The man adds layers to the track, making it a textured, intricate piece of art.

For the ones always on the lookout for new tracks on their boards, “Beautiful” is available for a listen on Traxsource. And if you’re one to keep tabs on the artists themselves, a casual scroll through their Instagram handles, be it LOFT 93’s or XtetiQsoul’s, gives you a little more insight into their world.

In the end, “Beautiful” isn’t about being the loudest or the flashiest. It’s a mellow groove, a song that seeps into you the more you listen, making it an Afro House essential for any discerning DJ’s collection. So, next time you’re in the city and this track hits, take a moment, close your eyes, and just feel the rhythm. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

Catch you on the flip side! 🎧🗽🚖

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