DJ Tennis debuts his new cooking show ‘MunchieTown’

DJ Tennis debuts his new cooking show ‘MunchieTown’

The first episode featured DJ Traumer and chef Paul Delrez.

Photo credit: DJ Tennis – Instagram

DJ Tennis, the Italian DJ, and producer, has debuted a new cooking show on Instagram called ‘MunchieTown’. The premiere episode featured DJ Tennis, DJ Traumer, and chef Paul Delrez as they collaborated to prepare pasta alla vongolle.

DJ Tennis expressed his enthusiasm for ‘MunchieTown’, stating that it combines his passions for music, travel, people, and cooking. The web series will be available on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Future episodes will feature additional guests. Each one, designed for social media, will be one minute long and promises engaging conversations and culinary finesse.

Through ‘MunchieTown’, DJ Tennis aims to explore the gastronomy of different countries, recognizing it as a unifying element alongside music.

Watch the first episode of ‘MunchieTown’ below.

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