DJ Your Friend, Daao unveils new release ‘Missing: You So Much’

DJ Your Friend, Daao unveils new release ‘Missing: You So Much’

Embodying daao’s ethos of simplicity, authenticity, and childhood creativity.

Armenian DJ and producer Your friend, daao, acclaimed for his immersive live performances, has just released his introspective EP, ‘Missing: You So Much’, a sonic representation of varied emotions.

Kick off with the title track, where Kat Abel’s voice harmonizes with a jazz-funk drumbeat. The second track, ‘ditto’, offers a stark contrast with its industrial echoes and breakbeats in a turbine hall setting. The third track, ‘disco baleari’, blends drum fill samples with lush valve synths and scratching techniques. The final track, ‘I’ve Got To Know Myself’, propels listeners straight onto the dancefloor with its rhythm.

‘Missing: You So Much’ echoes Your friend, daao’s ethos of simplicity and authenticity, honoring the limitless creativity of childhood. In Your friend, daao’s perspective, ‘Missing: You So Much’ reflects my profound realization of the importance of simplicity and authenticity in the creative process. It’s a tribute to that inner child within me, beckoning me to return to a time when creativity flowed freely without constraint, reclaiming that pure sense of playfulness and spontaneity, unburdened by external distractions or self-imposed limitations.”

Listen to ‘Missing: You So Much’ below and download your copy here.

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