Don Gog releases his debut single ‘I Feel’, shares video

Don Gog releases his debut single ‘I Feel’, shares video

Combining music and visuals in an artistic trip-hop fusion.

Photo credit: Don Gog – Official

Don Gog, a hip-hop and electronic DJ and producer, has released his debut single titled ‘I Feel’. This track offers a glimpse into his upcoming EP, ‘Cybernetics’, which is scheduled for release in early 2024.

Taking inspiration from acts like Massive Attack, Portishead, and Aphex Twin, Don Gog demonstrates his ability to blend electronic genres into a captivating instrumental piece. By maintaining an enigmatic identity, he directs attention towards his art rather than himself.

“I aimed to create a sonic journey, a transformative experience within the listener’s mind. The challenge was to harmoniously blend electronica with dub, finding the perfect balance between these distinct styles. Merging these diverse elements into a coherent whole was an exhilarating and rewarding endeavor”, the artist commented about ‘I Feel’.

Accompanying the release there’s also a music video directed by photographer and video maker, Fofo Altinell. It features a silver-painted female protagonist navigating through natural environments, capturing an otherworldly essence. Employing kaleidoscopic effects and mesmerizing lighting techniques, it invite viewers on a psychedelic voyage.

Watch the video below.

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