Dr. Sud presents his ‘Heading South’ EP

Dr. Sud presents his ‘Heading South’ EP

Now available via Q1E2 Recordings.

Photo credit: Dr. Sud – Instagram

Dr. Sud has recently released his latest  EP entitled  ‘Heading South’  through Q1E2 Recordings.

‘Heading South’ takes listeners on a captivating musical journey, seamlessly transitioning from morning to night and back again. Dr. Sud skillfully combines broken beats, pulsating rhythms, and synth-driven melodies to create an immersive experience.

This EP guides listeners through a festival day, starting with the fresh morning vibes of ‘Brina’ and progressing to the vibrant energy of ‘Life Itself’. ‘Evening Breath’ captures the enchanting atmosphere of sunset, while ‘Tramontana’ invites you to dance into the late hours. ‘3/4AM’ delivers a memorable moment on the dance floor, and ‘Mondgesicht’ concludes the EP with deep lounge vibes.

Originally from Rome and raised in Berlin, Dr. Sud is known for his unique blend of percussion-focused soundscapes and jazz-inspired harmonies. His music draws inspiration from a variety of genres, including electronica, funk, and house.

Listen to ‘Heading South’ below and download your copy here.

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