EdOne: “Intensity and tension are the words that can describe my music”

EdOne: “Intensity and tension are the words that can describe my music”

Born in Spain with a deep passion for music, EdOne embarked on his journey in the music industry in 2013 under the influential label VIVA MUSiC, curated by Steve Lawler. Since then, he has made a significant impact on the scene, releasing notable tracks on labels such as Defected and Material.

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Despite facing a challenging recovery period after a severe car accident, EdOne courageously resumed his solo career. He has since released music on renowned labels like Innervisions, Bedrock, Stil vor Talent, TAU, Monaberry, and MoBlack, establishing his presence in the industry. EdOne’s tracks consistently achieve top ten positions on Beatport, earning recognition from esteemed artists such as Dixon, Âme, Maceo Plex, John Digweed, Oliver Koletzki, and Nicole Moudaber.

In 2021, EdOne reached a significant milestone in his career by launching his record label, Surrrealism. The label focuses on music releases, event organization, and brand development, drawing inspiration from surrealistic art.

EG recently caught up with EdOne to discuss his latest release, ‘The Circus’ EP, and his upcoming projects.

EG: Hi EdOne, welcome to EG. First of all congratulations on the success of your latest release, ‘The Circus’ EP which is currently climbing the Beatport charts. Can you share your thoughts on the EP and what inspired you to create it?

EdOne: Hey guys! Many thanks for your words and thanks a lot for the invitation. I am a guy who loves to spend many hours at the studio every day jamming, mixing, or whatever, often the inspiration comes after a long walk, or after listening to a sample you love at the moment, any kind of feeling can push you to create. This time I wanted to make something more soft with vocals but for the dance floor and I think I made it, both tracks works really well when I played them.

EG: ‘Oh Men’ from ‘The Circus’ EP has a fantastic blend of elements, creating a captivating dancefloor-focused track. Could you tell us more about your creative process for this particular track?

EdOne: This track is a house-influenced one, I heard the vocal sample and got the main idea immediately, when I work with vocals it’s easiest for me, even more with a long one, I made a groove, the hook, and everything came so quick.

EG: ‘Everything is a Lie’ on the EP combines a sensual female voice with an imposing cry of protest. What themes or emotions were you aiming to convey with this track?

EdOne: This track is the one that most identifies what the EP wants to express, as you say the vocal is undoubtedly a protest against everything that is happening and the main harmony carries with the feeling of emotions that involves seeing how the culture that I love so much is being mistreated.

EG: The artwork for ‘The Circus’ EP by Nuria Baena carries a strong message about the world of social networks and appearances. Can you elaborate on the connection between the music and the visual representation in the artwork?

EdOne: So far an amazing work by Nuria, she expressed very well the idea that my partner and I had in mind, I know is not easy to work with us as always we have crazy ideas like the clown appearing from a phone, but she captured perfectly on the canvas we sent the example we wanted.

I love social media every time is used in the correct way because it’s a strong weapon to work with. Unfortunately, lately, many people without any talent are using them and selling a life that is not true, you can find this on profiles of DJs, artists, and influencers… for me are clowns that only want fame without any effort, paying a bunch of money to be there and selling a complete lie. That’s why the track name ‘Everything is a Lie’.

“I love social media every time is used in the correct way because it’s a strong weapon to work with”

EG: You’ve had an impressive career, starting with releases on labels like VIVA MUSiC and Defected, and now running your own label, Surrrealism. How has your journey in the music industry influenced your creative process and the music you produce today

EdOne: 10 years now since my VIVA MUSIC release, In 10 years you have time to make a lot of things,  feeling old now… (laugter). I believe that in music, as in any type of art, evolution, and learning are necessary, even more so if you are self-taught like me. These 10 years have served to evolve technically, creatively, and in the end, make better music.

Above all to know how the business works from the inside and to be able to set up my own brand. I don’t know what the next step will be but I’m looking forward to finding out.

EG: ‘Do It,’ released via OFF Recordings, played a significant role in establishing your presence in the music scene. Can you share any memorable moments or experiences related to the success of that track?

EdOne: That track was a game changer for me, I began to have international gigs in cities like London, Luxembourg, Amsterdam, and some others. Really good experiences and memories we had because of that track. One of the most impressive moments was during my first international gigs when we played the track and the people knew the lyrics and sang it. I’d never expected that.

EG: Your tracks have consistently charted in the top ten on Beatport, and you’ve received support from renowned artists. What do you believe sets your music apart and has contributed to this level of recognition and support?

EdOne: Intensity and tension are the words that can describe my music and I don’t know why but seems people like what I do, I am very thankful to had the opportunity to be on top charts often.

EG: In addition to your music career, you’ve ventured into event organization and visual art through your label, Surrrealism. How do these different facets of your creative expression complement one another, and what can we expect from the label in the future?

EdOne: I really love any expression of art and first of everything I was a raver for years (still I am laughter), I think all together can be the concept and the goals of Surrrealism and we are working to make them real. From the label we expect to make more events where we will try to offer an unforgettable experience. A new brand of clothing that we are working on and of course outstanding music. Also, we are working now with IA for our upcoming artwork and all our visual stuff. The future is now.

“I really love any expression of art”

EG: You’ve performed all over the world, headlining in various cities. Are there any standout moments or performances that hold a special place in your heart, and how has traveling and performing globally influenced your music?

EdOne: For me is a dream that came true, I worked so hard to make it happen and can’t be more grateful for the success, It’s true that I have a long way to go and a lot to work on but I am very happy and proud of what I have achieved so far. There are unforgettable moments in many places, perhaps due to the current situation in Ukraine, having performed there before the war is one of them. Without a doubt, Mexico has another, as well as Argentina, and Istanbul. Each place has something special and I have good memories of all of them.

EG: Looking ahead, what can fans and listeners anticipate from EdOne in terms of new music, collaborations, or upcoming projects? Are there any exciting developments on the horizon for you as an artist and label owner?

EdOne: Next month I have my debut release on Siamese, I will be part of the next VA on Adriatique’s label, also a single on the mighty Global Underground which will be out digital and also vinyl.

‘Borders of Light’ of Toto Chiavetta will be place for another release alongside my friend Ian Ludvig before the end of the year. About upcoming gigs, I will visit on the next weekend’s different cities such as Bahrain, Alicante, Tulum, Guadalajara, Treviso, Marrakech, and Gran Canaria to mention some of them.

The label itself will have 3 top releases till the end of the year and one more showcase. We will announce the location really soon.

EdOne’s ‘The Circus’ EP is now available via Surrealism. Get your copy here.

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