Elliott Creed launches record label and premieres ‘Make Me Fly’

Elliott Creed launches record label and premieres ‘Make Me Fly’

Art Of Connection, as a label, seeks to foster a convergence of aesthetic and cultural facets in music.

Elliott Creed, the producer hailing from Djilang (Geelong), recently unveiled his record label along with its inaugural release, ‘Make Me Fly.’

‘Make Me Fly’ melds melodic house tunes with enchanting vocals, offering deep melodies and vibrant harmonies that create an immersive sound experience. This debut single positions Creed’s new label as a nexus for inventive and transformative music.

Creed, who is rapidly gaining praise for his distinctive afro-melodic sound and poignant expression, has made an impact both, locally and internationally, with his music. His performances are known for their bright, interactive soundscapes. Moreover, he has formed the brand, Art Of Connection, endorsing a fusion of aesthetic and cultural elements.

Listen to ‘Make Me Fly’ below and grab your copy here.

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