Enrico Sangiuliano returns with ‘Glitch In Time’

Enrico Sangiuliano returns with ‘Glitch In Time’

Out now via his own label, NINETOZERO.

Photo credit: Enrico Sangiuliano – Instagram

Enrico Sangiuliano has recently released a thrilling new EP on his NINETOZERO label.

The ‘Glitch In Time’ EP not only features Sangiuliano’s own track of the same name but also showcases the innovative sounds of emerging talents like Alex Lentini & STOMP BOXX, Antonio D’Africa & Sall, and Mattia Saviolo.

NINETOZERO, Sangiuliano’s label, plans to release 10 chapters, each representing a new development in sound as Enrico aims to push the boundaries of music. For the ‘Glitch In Time’ EP, Enrico collaborated with the Italian producers’ collective, The Sentinels, after regular conversations about music and production on WhatsApp. They each approached this chapter in their unique style, resulting in tracks that embody the concept.

This release sets the stage for Enrico’s upcoming event, SOLO #5, scheduled to take place on November 3rd at D-Edge in São Paulo. You can purchase your tickets here.

Listen to the ‘Glitch In Time’ EP below and grab your copy here.

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