Eric Prydz introduces new live show [CELL] at HÏ Ibiza

Eric Prydz introduces new live show [CELL] at HÏ Ibiza

Designed for the venue’s Theater, it offers a captivating multisensory experience.

Photo credit: Eric Prydz – Official

Eric Prydz is set to debut his new live show, [CELL], exclusively at HÏ Ibiza. This immersive experience will have a 12-week residency at the prestigious club, starting on 24th June and continuing every Monday until 9th September.

[CELL] is a groundbreaking concept that elevates audio-visual entertainment. Designed specifically for the Theater at HÏ Ibiza, it provides a captivating multisensory experience and introduces a new dimension to the island’s nightlife.

Last summer, Prydz dazzled audiences with his inventive HOLO concept at HÏ Ibiza. The fusion of the artist’s creativity and the club’s cutting-edge technology proved successful.

To secure your tickets for Eric Prydz Presents [CELL] at HÏ Ibiza, click here.

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