Ezequiel Arias shares new single ‘Serenade Of’

Ezequiel Arias shares new single ‘Serenade Of’

Via his own label Melorama Música.

Ezequiel Arias just unveiled his new cut entitled ‘Serenade Of’, following the success of ‘Melomania / Polvo de Estrellas’, marking the Argentinean artist’s ascendancy in the dancefloor realm.

 ‘Serenade Of’ captivates with effervescent arps and hypnotic textures, crafting a sonic vortex that escalates into a breathtaking synthetic landscape. This outstanding production propels him towards the zenith of creative brilliance within Melorama’s expanding catalog.

“I’m thrilled to share this track that accompanied me during last year’s shows. It is one of my recent favorites, and it is now available on our very own Melorama label,” Ezequiel Arias commented.

Listen to ‘Serenade Of’ below and download your copy here.

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