Folamour returns to London with ‘A Decade Together’

Folamour returns to London with ‘A Decade Together’

The artist will also visit Paris, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

In the heart of London, love will find its rhythm this February 8th,9th, and 10th as the disco king, Folamour, graces the stage for three iconic shows at HERE in Outernet. Renowned French DJ and producer Bruno Boumendil, will be presenting his House of Love label project as part of the ‘A Decade Together’ tour.

A multi-talented artist, Folamour, trained in guitar, drums, bass, and percussion, ensures the audience stays on their feet with a contagious energy fueled by upbeat tracks. Notably, he has collaborated with Lyon’s National Orchestra, leveraging his diverse musical background to astonish audiences with a brilliant music selection and exquisite taste.

House Of Love is a label built around one idea: to create an environment for you to dream. It stands for a culture, a state of mind, and a shared passion for music, an environment where the sky’s the limit and dreams can come true. The label aims to spread values and a positive message in a festive way, to give an experience that will impact new and old generations. a place to embrace a moment of harmony, goodwill, and madness with a careful selection of music,” Folamour commented.

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