Frank & Tony unveil ‘Olympia’ single from forthcoming album

Frank & Tony unveil ‘Olympia’ single from forthcoming album

Featuring vocalist Eliana Glass.

Photo credit: Frank & Tony – Official

Frank & Tony, otherwise known as Francis Harris and Anthony Collins, are excited to announce their return with a new single, ‘Olympia’. The single is now available via their own label Scissor and Thread.

This single acts as a sneak peek for their upcoming album, ‘Ethos’, and features the vocal talents of Eliana Glass, marking her third collaboration with the pair.

Frank & Tony have made substantial contributions to the house music scene over the last decade, notably with their record label, Scissor and Thread, and their well-received 2014 album, ‘You Go Girl’. After a short break in 2018, during which Harris was involved in the Public Records venue, they pursued individual endeavors.

Listen to ‘Olympia’ below and grab your copy here.

Pre-save ‘Ethos’ here.

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