From touring adventures to festival fever: Stavroz dishes on music, inspiration, and Baja California

From touring adventures to festival fever: Stavroz dishes on music, inspiration, and Baja California

In our latest chat, the Belgian electronic outfit Stavroz delves into their recent tour adventures across Australia and India, their creative process, and what’s in store for their upcoming festival appearance.

They also reflect on the fusion of electronic and organic elements in their music, the invaluable lessons learned from years of touring, and their excitement for the Dance With Me x AHABAJA festival in Mexico. You can grab your tickets for the festival here.

EG: Hi, guys! Welcome back to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here. How have you been? What have you been up to?

Stavroz: We’ve been doing quite well! We just wrapped up a tour that took us to Australia and India. We’ve had shows in Perth, Byron Bay, Melbourne, Chi Wow Wah Town, Gold Coast, Delhi, Bangalore, and Goa. Now, we’re taking a little bit of time at home to rest, recover, and readjust to the time zone.

EG: Your sound seamlessly blends electronic and organic elements. Can you walk us through your creative process when merging these different influences? Do you employ any specific rituals or methods to achieve such a unique sound?

Stavroz: Trial and error! Mix, match, mesh, and combine all different kinds of sounds until you find a combination that glues everything together. After a good amount of time, we’ve managed to fine-tune our method, and it has become more or less an automatic process of knowing what sounds work and which formula is most effective. There are many ways to do this right and just as many ways to do it wrong.

EG: You’ve accumulated extensive experience from touring over the years. What are some of the most valuable lessons you’ve learned personally and professionally on the road?

Stavroz: Excellent question! The most important lessons we’ve learned are: learn to have patience and make sure to double-check! This is an industry where everything goes fast and often at night time, so mistakes happen easily on any side. Yet, if you keep your head straight, you’ll avoid many pitfalls!

EG: You guys are set to headline the Dance With Me x AHABAJA festival soon. What aspects of performing at festivals like this excite you the most, and how do you prepare for such large-scale events?

Stavroz: We’re super excited to perform at Dance With Me x Ahabaja, we always have the best time in Mexico. We don’t approach the large festivals any differently than the little venues. It’s simply a bit more of an adrenaline rush to see several thousand people respond to your music instead of several hundred people. Nevertheless, a successful performance is just as rewarding, the size is irrelevant. One of the great advantages of playing at a large festival is that it is often open-air, which is good for the sound and the atmosphere in general.

EG: What can your fans and partygoers expect from your Dance With Me x AHABAJA performance?

Stavroz: They can expect us to Dance With Them. We’ll play a selection of our favorite (and hopefully their favorite) Stavroz songs. We’ve got a number of new songs in our live performance that we haven’t played in Mexico before, so make sure to attend and catch these unreleased little sorpresas!

EG: Have you had the chance to explore San Jose del Cabo or Baja California in the past? If so, could you share any memorable experiences or places you recommend visiting in the area?

Stavroz: We must admit that we haven’t made it to Cabo or Baja California yet.. We’re happy to finally go there and see what all the fuss is about ☺

EG: What advice would you offer to first-time festival attendees who will be joining Dance With Me x AHABAJA? Any tips for making the most of their experience?

Stavroz: Don’t get wasted immediately. Moderation is key, so you’ll be able to catch some good performances and remember them! Bring sunscreen, stay hydrated, find a good spot in the crowd, and let go of your inhibitions!

EG: Who are some established and emerging artists that you’re currently listening to and finding inspiration from? Are there any standout tracks or albums you’d recommend to your fans?

Stavroz: Concerning emerging artists, check out Omeria, Malik Faquir, and Flieder! They are doing really cool things lately. We’re also gravitating back to some established artists like Isolée and Robag Wruhme. Lately, we’ve also been floating on the waves of Jan Jelinek. He makes more abstract textures and collages of tiny sound particles. Fascinating, refreshing, and relaxing!

“We try to keep that out of the studio and out of our music. For us, music is an escape, not a tool to make a political point.”

EG: Looking at current global issues, are there any specific topics or events that inspire you as both artists and individuals? How do these inspirations manifest in your creative process?

Stavroz: There’s no way around AI at this moment. However, we’re a bit … torn. Is it a good thing? Will it disrupt society, our life as musicians, … ? Many question marks surround this incredible technology. We see the technology seeping into the instruments and tools that we use in creating our music, it’s intriguing to see its impact. It’s mostly beneficial right now, but we wonder how long until negative consequences start popping up.

When it comes to political upheaval … We try to keep that out of the studio and out of our music. For us, music is an escape, not a tool to make a political point.

EG: And about this trend of massive LED screens with these “futuristic” visual aids…what’s your take? Is it taking too much away from the music?

Stavroz: Thanks to those screens, some music and performances are definitely intensified. Imagine seeing a movie in the cinema. The experience is more impressive. Especially electronic acts that don’t have much life on the stage can benefit from powerful images. We however, are mostly performing as a live act. You can see us play instruments and interact among ourselves. It would be a shame to distract the audience from what is actually happening on stage. That doesn’t mean we would completely avoid using screens and visuals, but when we do use them, we don’t let them take over. The visuals should support the performance and the band, not vice versa.

EG: Finally, can you provide some insights into what’s next for Stavroz? Can we expect to see you on tour?

Stavroz: In the coming months, we’ll be touring mostly in Europe. We’ve got performances planned in Poland, Germany, Belgium, France, the UK, Turkey, Greece, … In the meantime, we’re slowly gathering ideas for new music.

EG: Thank you so much for your time, guys! We wish you all the best for the future. Take care!

Stavroz: Thank you for having us!

Stavroz will perform at Mexico’s Art With Me x AHABAJA on March 30th and April 1st, 2024. Grab your tickets here.

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