Futuristic Clothing & Music Collide In Ultra Naté’s “LAZER” Video!

Futuristic Clothing & Music Collide In Ultra Naté’s “LAZER” Video!

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The Killers have unleashed the official music video for their new single, “Your Side Of Town, a synth-driven composition co-produced by Stuart Price and Shawn Everett. In this cinematic masterpiece, expect to be transported into a story of mystery and intrigue, as director Tim Mattia presents a black-and-white visual narrative.

Shot in the band’s hometown of Las Vegas, this clip follows the enigmatic journey of a showgirl, who harbors a chilling secret…

As the video unfolds, you’ll witness the showgirl’s haunting presence in various locations throughout Sin City. Besides, her enigmatic performance takes her from a luxurious hotel suite to the hallways, and then to the bustling casino floors.

The iconic Vegas Strip becomes her stage, where her peculiar dance continues before she ventures into the vast desert. In the same way, these sequences are interspersed with clips of Brandon Flowers, the band’s lead vocalist, pouring his heart into “Your Side Of Town.”

Futuristic Clothing & Music Collide In Ultra Naté’s “LAZER” Video!
However, the plot takes an unexpected and eerie twist as the showgirl transitions from a glamorous dancer to a relentless stalker of a young woman.

With every passing moment, the scenes unfurl more layers of suspense, eventually revealing the showgirl’s true identity – a blood-sucking vampire!

Certainly, the climax is a spine-tingling moment that will leave you watching with bated breath until the very end.

Beyond that, it hints at a deeper question, one that begs for interpretation. Is it a metaphor for the allure and danger of the Las Vegas lifestyle? Or does it symbolize the darkness that lurks beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary lives?

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