Geometry of Sound: Nebari’s golden ratio-inspired sonic universe

Geometry of Sound: Nebari’s golden ratio-inspired sonic universe

Nebari, an innovative project created by Luis Garayalde, a member of Kyodai, Bassfort, Wagon Cookin, and other groups, pushes the boundaries of electronic music with its futuristic approach inspired by the late 80s Chicago productions.

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By blending a diverse range of electronic sounds, Nebari offers a unique musical experience characterized by lively rhythms from the TR 707, powerful basslines, and classic analog textures.

EG had the opportunity to interview Nebari and gain insight into his creative process, as well as his upcoming projects and endeavors.

During the interview, it became apparent that the creative force behind the project draws deep inspiration from the golden ratio. Each Nebari song is meticulously crafted to represent a specific geometric shape, resulting in intricate soundscapes that evoke an infinite state of mind. The interaction between rhythmic patterns, musical textures, and geometric forms based on the golden ratio creates an immersive and evocative auditory experience.

EG: Hi, Nebari! Welcome to EG. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us. How have you been? Where are you right now?

Nebari: Thanks for the invite. At the moment, I have been working for almost two years as a musical director and booker at El Sótano Club in Madrid, managing all the clubbing aspects of the club. At the same time, I’m involved in all the music projects, both with my brother and on my own.

EG: Your project encompasses a wide range of electronic sounds with a futuristic approach inspired by late 80s Chicago productions. How do you balance paying homage to the past while injecting a contemporary and unique flavor into your music?

Nebari: My inspiration is based on the early days of House music in Chicago and Detroit, focusing mainly on key sounds like the bass and the Roland 707 drum machines, while giving it a modern touch. It’s great to see how you’re blending the old and the new to create something unique and original.

EG: As a member of various musical projects, including Kyodai, Bassfort, and Wagon Cookin, how does your experience in these different collaborations influence the sonic identity of Nebari?

Nebari: After 30 years of making music with my brother, it’s exciting that we both decided to work independently on solo projects. It’s a great way to find new inspirations and develop your own ideas. And the plan is to eventually bring everything together under our label. Last year, I worked with Demi Riquísimo and Lula Franks, Iron Curtis, Kid Simius, Gameboyz.

EG: ‘Golden Ratio’ not only refers to your musical project but also explores the fascinating mathematical concept. How does the golden ratio inspire and shape the atmospheres and soundscapes in your productions?

Nebari: ‘Golden Ratio’, for me, is the fascinating meaning that represents the infinity of the universe. The album is a tribute to that, and it’s something that, as you ask, is fascinating.

“Each song has a geometric shape and a meaning”

EG: The golden ratio is a mathematical constant found in nature, art, and architecture. How do you translate this concept into auditory experiences, and what role do geometric forms based on the golden ratio play in your creative process?

Nebari: Each song has a geometric shape and a meaning. That’s why I wanted to work like this. The clearest way to explain it could be the ‘Diamond’ song in the intro, which simulates a spinning diamond. I have played a lot with the stereo so that you get the feeling that you are really seeing it, but well, everyone can imagine what inspires them.

EG: Your sound is described as having sparkling rhythms from the TR 707, massive basslines, and classic analog textures. How do these elements come together to create the unique musical experience that defines Nebari?

Nebari: The truth is that these are sounds that inspire me a lot because, since I was very young and started getting into the electronic music scene, I listened to them and they fascinated me. I wanted to create something very conceptual, working a lot on the concept and not settling for the first thing I did.

EG: Your project invites listeners on an infinite journey through the universe. How do you use music as a vehicle to convey a sense of exploration and expansiveness?

Nebari: Music is my life, and it’s what inspires me and makes me feel expanded. It’s a magic that can’t be controlled, and those who make music know what I mean. Creating is addictive, it’s wonderful, and it makes you feel fulfilled. On another note, in collaboration with my brother (Mr. Offbeat), we are working on a music video for each song to immerse you even more in each song of the album. We will be releasing them on YouTube soon.

EG: With your background in various musical projects, how does Nebari enable you to express aspects of your creativity that may differ from your other endeavors?

Nebari: I’m always open to trying new things because I love to experiment. I am open to new collaborations, and I enjoy letting things flow and improvising.

“Electronic music has experienced cycles throughout its history, and I believe the best approach is to adapt, improvise, and go with the flow of the current cycle”

EG: Looking ahead, are there specific themes or sonic territories you are eager to explore within the Nebari project, and how do you envision its evolution in the electronic music landscape?

Nebari: Electronic music has experienced cycles throughout its history, and I believe the best approach is to adapt, improvise, and go with the flow of the current cycle. Sometimes the pace is fast, other times it’s slow, and the styles keep changing. The important thing is to join the cycle, explore what you like and what inspires you at that moment, and enjoy the musical journey.

EG: Thank you so much for your time, Nebari! We wish you all the best for the future. Take care!

Nebari: Much love!

Nebari’s ‘Golden Ratio’ is out now via Appetizers. Stream and download here.

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