German Parliament to approve law for recreational use of cannabis

German Parliament to approve law for recreational use of cannabis

A new law permitting adults to possess cannabis for recreational use is expected to be effective from April 1st.

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Germany’s Bundestag has passed a key law allowing adults aged 18 and above to possess cannabis for recreational use. This legislation, approved by parliament, broadens the scope for cannabis use in public spaces, enabling adults to carry up to 25 grams and 50 grams in private homes.

While this law provides more freedom, it comes with certain limitations. The law, expected to take effect from April 1st, bans cannabis use near schools and sports grounds.

The law also enables non-profit organizations, referred to as ‘cannabis social clubs,’ to grow and sell cannabis in regulated quantities. However, these clubs are only open to German residents, and on-site consumption is controlled.

Furthermore, the law allows households to grow up to three marijuana plants. However, there are currently no plans to establish legal cannabis cafes throughout the country.

Health Minister Karl Lauterbach aims to redirect revenue from illegal cannabis markets and protect users from “contaminated cannabis”, a response to the rise in cannabis use among the youth.

The German government aims to examine the effects of new cannabis legislation, moving towards licensed sales. This marks a significant step in the ongoing legalization debate. Despite resistance within the coalition, Germany joins five other EU members in adopting or planning to adopt recreational cannabis use.

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