Giles et Diego release ‘Oh, Environment’: A musical call for climate action

Giles et Diego release ‘Oh, Environment’: A musical call for climate action

All proceeds from ‘Oh, Environment’ directly benefit the Nkuringo Bright Future School and Orphanage, supporting sustainable projects in their region.

Photo credit: Giles et Diego – Official

Giles et Diego, well-known French organic house producers, have recently released their latest track, ‘Oh, Environment.’ This musical collaboration showcases the incredible talent of the children from Nkuringo Bright Future School and Orphanage, combining music and poetry to deliver a heartfelt message on environmental sustainability and positive climate action.

Recorded amidst the mountain landscapes of Nkuringo in Southwest Uganda, ‘Oh, Environment’ is a project that has been created by a community deeply affected by environmental changes. Giles, Diego, and the entire team at & ensure that all proceeds from the project go directly to benefit the school children and their institution. These funds support sustainable projects in the region.

Giles explains, ‘Our aim with ‘Oh, Environment’ is to inspire collective action.’ Diego adds, ‘Working with the children of Nkuringo was an incredibly enriching experience. Their voices and words serve as a meaningful reminder of the innocence we must protect from the devastating effects of climate change.’

The release of ‘Oh, Environment’ also marks the launch of the #ShareIfYouCare campaign, a global call to action for listeners worldwide. By sharing the song and raising awareness about sustainable living and environmental conservation, audiences can actively participate in various initiatives in the Nkuringo area. These initiatives include school renovations, tree planting, water conservation, wildlife preservation, and community development programs.

Robert Stephenson, the founder of Climate Actions Now, explains, “This track combines African rhythms, soulful melodies, and contemporary beats, symbolizing the global nature of the environmental crisis. The children of Nkuringo, with their authentic and powerful expressions, bring added layers of purity and urgency to the message that we need to pay attention to.”

Watch and listen to ‘Oh, Environment’ below and get your copy here.

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