Giolì & Assia unveil new single ‘The Point of Living’, share video

Giolì & Assia unveil new single ‘The Point of Living’, share video

Now available through their label, Diesis Records.

Photo credit: Giolì & Assia – Official

Duo Giolì & Assia have returned with their first release of 2024. ‘The Point of Living’ showcases the personal touch that the duo brings to their music. This track, released through their label follows the success of their previous track, ‘Young Forever’.

‘The Point of Living’ takes listeners on a captivating journey with its club-inspired soundscape, featuring resampled vocals that create siren-like tones. The percussion, combined with a fusion of synths and orchestral elements, delivers a textured sonic experience.

Alongside the release, Giolì & Assia have unveiled a music video that showcases their creative talent. Drawing upon the delicate nature of life and love, the video serves as a visual interpretation of the song’s message.

When discussing the track, Giolì & Assia expressed, The Point of Living is the second single from our new EP, ‘Resurrection’. By exploring the existential question of the meaning of life, we aimed to evoke an electronic, romantic sound that captures the sublime feeling of an ocean wave from start to finish. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it!”

Watch and listen to Giolì & Assia’s ‘The Point of Living’ below and download your copy here.


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