Gorje Hewek remixes Phonique’s feat. Erlend Øye ‘Casualties’

Gorje Hewek remixes Phonique’s feat. Erlend Øye ‘Casualties’

Featuring an Extended Remix.

Photo credit: Phonique / Gorje Hewek – Official

Gorje Hewek has remixed Phonique’s 2007 pop-house hit, ‘Casualties,’ featuring the vocals of Erlend Øye, via  Zatar Music label.

On this occasion, the Russian producer incorporates rhythmic elements and synthesizers into the track while preserving the original vocals. The result is a blend of past and present, where contemporary elements seamlessly merge with the song’s original essence.

The ‘Extended Remix’ takes listeners on an immersive eight-and-a-half-minute journey. With its modern and melancholic vibes, this track offers music enthusiasts and dancers alike the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in its melodies.

Listen to ‘Casualties’ below and get your copy  here.

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