Gouldian Finch unveils new album ‘Hatch’

Gouldian Finch unveils new album ‘Hatch’

Featuring a range of genres including house, hip-hop, and soulful pop.

Photo credit: Gouldian Finch – Facebook

Martin Horntveth has presented his latest solo project under the alias Gouldian Finch. With his versatile artistry, he just unveiled his new 9-track album entitled ‘Hatch’.

The LP opens with the previously released track, ‘Like a Magnet,’ blending melodies and vocal effects reminiscent of 2000s house music. ‘This Year’ takes the audience on a hip-hop journey similar to Kanye West’s style, incorporating distorted electric guitars. The focus track, ‘Breathe,’ featuring Loney Dear, is a powerful combination of strings, synths, and energetic drums, showcasing her passionate voice. ‘Hatch’ also includes instrumental tracks like ‘Algorithm’ and ‘Gouldamadin,’ which are dynamic cinematic compositions. Additionally, the album features the live performance-infused track, ‘Stuck In The Matrix.’ Exploring a darker and soulful pop approach, the album includes the track, ‘The Flamingo.’

“I have contemplated bringing this album to life since the early 2000s, but it was always interrupted by other projects with better financial prospects. Most importantly, I spent a significant amount of time striving to find a sound that could encompass everything. It was only when I decided to combine all my passions into one cohesive project that everything fell into place, making the release of this music a truly meaningful endeavor,” Gouldian Finch reflected on the album’s creation.

Listen to ‘Hatch’ below.

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