Gratts ft Cata Mansikka Aho

Gratts ft Cata Mansikka Aho

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Belgian DJ/producer Gratts returns to his Be Strong Be Free imprint with ‘Rhythm Of Love’ and Faze Action steals the show with a stellar remix.

A DJ since the turn of the century, Belgian-born artist Gratts has been long buying and collecting vinyl and in more recent years delved into the world of production. Releases on labels like Inner Balance, Flexi Cuts, Wolf Music and his own Be Strong Be Free have all shone a light on the varied taste of Gratts and this new release ‘Rhythm Of Love’ is set to be the defining moment so far in the now South Australia-based producer.

‘Rhythm Of Love’ is set to be released early 2024 and boy is it a well crafted piece of music. Featuring the vocals of Cata Mansikka Aho, the original is a deep, jazzy number that is somewhat of a Body & Soul New York type of affair. The magic for us is brought to life by Simon and Robin Lee aka Faze Action. The UK duo are celebrated in the KOTT office and by anyone who knows real House music. Boosted up by uplifting drum hits and dizzy disco elements, this groovy remix is a pure disco weapon.

The ‘Rhythm Of Love’ EP is out on Be Strong Be Free in February, 2024. Pre order here.

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