Gritty Records welcomes Lomike with ‘TGDM’

Gritty Records welcomes Lomike with ‘TGDM’

Now available for free download on SoundCloud.

Photo credit: Lomike – Official

Gritty Records is excited to introduce the Brazilian producer Lomike and his latest EP entitled ‘TGDM’. This release showcases the artist’s unique blend of minimalist deep tech with influences of UK tech house and a touch of 90’s gangsta house.

‘TGDM’ is a three-track EP featuring the standout tunes of ‘NNN,’ ‘F&T,’ and the title track itself. The cuts exhibit a  combination of rich sounds, energetic rhythms, and intricate percussive details that add depth to the arrangements. Vocal cuts further enhance the overall experience, creating a captivating atmosphere for both DJs and dance music enthusiasts.

The EP has received tremendous support from Gritty Records’ label heads  Micah Baxter and Jordan Moxey. As a testament to their confidence in Lomike’s talent, ‘TGDM’ is now available for free download on SoundCloud.

Listen to ‘TGDM’ below and grab your copy here.

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