Hotboxx drops new house track ‘My Thing’

Hotboxx drops new house track ‘My Thing’

Featured on Vampire Sex’s EP ‘Look Into My Eyes’.

Photo Credit: Hotboxx – Official

Hotboxx is back with another dynamic house track, ‘My Thing,’ featured on Vampire Sex’s latest EP, ‘Look Into My Eyes.’ The cut, which reflects Miami’s vibrant music culture, is now available on Whoyostro White Label.

‘My Thing’ is an uplifting track that begins with a slow build-up leading to soulful vocals. Its rhythmic progression features shuffled beats, a thumping bass, and edgy guitar riffs.

Over the past decade, Hotboxx has developed a funk-inspired sound, captivating global audiences with his high-energy productions and performances.

Listen to ‘My Thing’ below and grab your copy here.

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