House Gospel Choir present their new single ‘Angels’

House Gospel Choir present their new single ‘Angels’

A blend of soulful house music and orchestral elements.

Photo credit: House Gospel Choir – Facebook

House Gospel Choir, a group known for pushing boundaries in the world of house music, continues to make a splash with their latest release, ‘Angels’, via LDN label ‘To The Rock.’ 

‘Angels’ is a meticulously crafted record that delves into the depths of human emotion. With MORGAN on lead vocals, this 7-track package pays tribute to the dance EPs of the 90s, offering a well-rounded mix of original tracks, instrumentals, acappellas, remixes, and reprises. The original mix envelops listeners in a warm embrace, while the acapella allows the vocals to shine brilliantly, drawing listeners into the intricate and dynamic production. The Crackazat remix injects vibrant energy for the dancefloor, and the 2fox reprises create an exhilarating and captivating experience that concludes the journey on a high note.

Listen to ‘Angels’ below and get your copy here.

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