How Symphonic’s TransferTrack Tool Can Save You Time

How Symphonic’s TransferTrack Tool Can Save You Time

Let’s be real… moving your catalog over to a new distributor can be a major headache. That’s why we’re stoked to have created an easy to use tool that makes this process easier than ever. 😎 Our TransferTrack tool ensures a seamless transfer while preserving your streaming history, playlists, revenue and more, all while saving you valuable time and energy. Here’s how…

How Symphonic’s TransferTrack Tool Can Save You Time

About TransferTrack

TransferTrack by Symphonic represents a revolutionary step in music distribution technology. It’s a powerful tool designed to simplify and streamline the process of transferring your existing music catalog to Symphonic. With TransferTrack, all you need is the link to your artist page on Spotify to bring your catalog over. No need to stress searching for old files, manually entering extensive metadata, or all the other miscommunications artists experience during the traditional process of catalog transfers.

This patented tool is a game-changer for artists, labels, and music distributors seeking efficiency and accuracy in managing their digital music catalogs.

Easily Move Your Back Catalog Over

Let’s say you’re an independent artist who has previously released music through other distributors, but now you want to centralize your catalog with us for better management. You can do that with this tool. Easily migrate your entire back catalog to Symphonic in one fell swoop, ensuring all your music is peacefully under one roof.

Simple Label Switching for Music Labels

Now, let’s say you’re a small record label, unhappy with your current distribution service. If you decide to switch to Symphonic, TransferTrack lets you move your entire artist roster and respective catalogs effortlessly. No need to manually re-enter metadata for each track or album.

Minimal Manual Data Entry & Consistent Metadata Matching

With TransferTrack, artists can also say goodbye to manually entering extensive metadata. This tool ensures that all metadata from Spotify is accurately matched with your supplied audio files, maintaining the integrity and consistency of your full discography as an artist.

Unified Analytics Tracking

Once you bring your catalog over to Symphonic with TransferTrack, you get access to our analytics features in the SMS to help you track how your music is performing across platforms. This provides a centralized platform for tracking all the analytics related to an artist’s catalog, simplifying the process of performance monitoring and strategic planning.


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Switching to a new distributor has never been easier. ✨💻

Want to see how it all works? Check out the walkthrough below…

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