How To Reach Actual Spotify Users with Ads

How To Reach Actual Spotify Users with Ads

With so much music coming out from artists all over the world, every single day, it can feel overwhelming trying to make your own shine through the masses. If you’ve got a new release on Spotify that you want to get as much exposure as possible on, ads may be just the trick to add to your promo tool belt. Our friends at have given us some tips right here.

Let’s dive in…

When you try to target people with “Spotify” as an interest on social media ad platforms (e.g., Facebook and Instagram, etc), what you are actually doing is targeting people who you are just assuming to be “interested” in Spotify based on the content they engage with on social media platforms. This doesn’t always mean they are actually Spotify users….

“So, how can I target actual fans?”

With web and mobile ads, you can target ACTUAL Spotify users directly. All you have to do is set up an ad and search for “Spotify Users” in the Interests section of the ad set-up page. (NOTE: There are separate audiences for both US & Canada based Spotify users, as well as Latin America based Spotify users.)

Build an HTML5 Ad Banner with a Spotify Player

With’s free-to-use HTML5 banner creation tool, you can easily create a graphic to use in your ad where you can embed an interactive widget like a Spotify player. To help ensure that Spotify users are the ones who actually click your ad, build an HTML5 ad in and use the “Share > Embed” buttons in Spotify to copy and paste the code into’s banner creation tool.

That’s it. You now have a graphic to use in your ad that includes an actual Spotify player where users can listen to your music directly. 😎

Want more tips? Check these out…

Good luck!

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