Iconic Reggae Artists Distributed By Symphonic

Iconic Reggae Artists Distributed By Symphonic

Here at Symphonic, we’re overwhelmingly proud of the badass reggae artists we have the privilege of working with every day. When it comes to internationally celebrated reggae artists, we’ve got no shortage of talent. That being said, here are some iconic reggae artists you didn’t know were distributed by Symphonic…

Iconic Reggae Artists Distributed By Symphonic


“A reggae revivalist with more of a roots influence than most, Jamaican singer Protoje rose to independent success in 2011 with the release of his debut full-length, The Seven Year Itch, and its hit single “Rasta Love,” which featured Ky-Mani Marley. Subsequent hits helped elevate his status as an international reggae star and his sound took on more elements of rap and hip-hop on later releases like 2020’s album In Search of Lost Time and 2022’s Third Time’s the Charm…” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶


Tanya Stephens

“Tanya Stephens (born Vivienne Stephenson on July 2, 1973) was one of the most promising female reggae artists to emerge in the late ’90s. Stephens caught her big break in 1996, when her ladies anthem, “Yuh Nuh Ready fi Dis Yet,” caused quite a stir (later spotlighted on the Reggae Gold 1997 compilation), as she soon after began working with such acclaimed producers as Barry O’Hare, Bobby “Digital” Dixon, Harvel “Gadaffi” Hart, and Dave and Tony Kelly…” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶



“Strategic in his mysterious persona and a burning beacon for the reggae-dancehall genre, Alkaline who is known for his aggressive hip-hop influenced style artistically captures the core of the genres past whilst embodying todays diversity… Musicians to media, fans and entertainment executives globally have stopped to take note of his artistry and success which to date is unquestionable. It’s beyond a doubt, Alkaline is the most successful influential independent artiste to emerge from the Caribbean in recent history.” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶


Stick Figure

“With a distinctive sound developed through tireless attention to musicality and artistry, Stick Figure has redefined American reggae music with his latest album, Wisdom, released on September 9th, 2022. As with his previous releases, Wisdom was written, produced and recorded by Scott Woodruff, a self-taught musician, at Stick Figure-owned Great Stone Studios in Oakland, CA, former home of Green Day. Wisdom is Stick Figure’s seventh album and follows the unprecedented success of 2019’s World on Fire, which peaked at number 34 on the Billboard Top 200, #6 overall Top albums, #1 Independent, and #1 Reggae album. World on Fire has sold over 300,000 copies including streaming equivalents, according to Nielsen soundscan data. Stick Figure’s catalog has now sold well over one million copies and been streamed over three billion times…” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶


Jada Kingdom

“For as much as Jada Kingdom twists together dancehall, R&B, pop, and jazz, the Jamaica-born songwriter, model, and designer also merges moments of introspection, seduction, and empowerment. Born and raised in 7 Mile Bull Bay (Gold Shore Lane) on the east side of Kingston Jamaica, she resided in a two-bedroom home with her mother, brother, and sister—sharing a bed with her siblings… After amassing 20 million-plus streams and views independently and earning acclaim from The FADER, Rolling Stone, Vibe, and more, eventually, she linked up with GRAMMY® Award nominated singer, songwriter, and producer Verse Simmonds and joined forces for his single “Bedroom Bully.” The musical combo was so magical Verse brought in his partner, two time GRAMMY winner, and Beyonce collaborator Akil “Fresh” King. Now together as a company by the name of “Money Well Spent” the duo are now executive producers on Jada’s forthcoming album. Landing a deal with Republic Records she is ready for her next chapter…” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶



“Grammy Nominated artist Matisyahu is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and alternative rock musician. He’s known for his skill in blending reggae and hip hop as he provides a raw expression of his spirituality. His long and winding career consists of seven albums including chart-topping Light, Youth, Spark Seeker, Akeda, and Undercurrent with hits like “One Day”, “Sunshine”, and “King Without A Crown”. Through his lyrics, Matisyahu develops a personal, artistic, and sophisticated way to express the yearning for deep spiritual meaning, and as his own beliefs opened up to find more variety and depth, the desire for his performances to match the unpredictable flow of life developed as well.” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶


Tina (Hoodcelebrityy)

“Jamaican-born emcee Hoodcelebrityy grew up Tina Pinnock in the St. Catherine Parish region. She spent her childhood surrounded by reggae music and culture, and when she relocated to the Bronx as a pre-teen, she was immersed in the world of New York rap and hip-hop… In 2015, Pinnock’s longtime friend Cardi B shared one of the Hoodcelebrityy freestyle videos and jumpstarted the rapper’s internet popularity. Immediately following that post, Pinnock recorded her first single for a song called “Wine Pon It,” offering the world the official debut of her style, which blended the raw reggae of her Jamaican roots with the unrepentant East Coast rap swagger of her adopted home in the Bronx.” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶


The Green

“The Green was one of the first Hawaiian reggae bands to tour extensively on the mainland, as well as going further afield to New Zealand, Japan, and other locales. Before becoming a headliner on their own, the band supported bands like Bruno Mars, Rebelution, Iration, SOJA, and Damian Marley. Their recent album, Brand New Eyes, showcased another layer of the band’s growth over the year and proved to be the perfect summer album in 2022. Fast forward to 2023 and The Green recently wrapped a Summertime tour, aptly named after their most recent release, and is aiming to drop more new music soon!” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶

Collie Buddz

“Born in New Orleans but raised in Bermuda, dancehall singer Collie Buddz was entranced by the urban music of his island home. He favored dancehall the most, but soca and hip-hop were important too, all of which exploded out the speakers of his DJ brother. His brother was also involved in recording Collie’s demo track “Come Around,” an infectious song that blew up in Europe and topped the charts in the U.K. before it came to Jamaica. As the marijuana anthem was climbing the JA charts all the way up to number one, rapper Busta Rhymes cut his own unauthorized remix, which increased the track’s presence on urban American radio. Guest vocals on a remix of Beyoncé’s “Ring the Alarm” began his relationship with the Sony label, while hooking up with Lil’ Flip for the rapper’s I Need Mine album kept spreading the Collie Buddz name on the streets…” // Discover more on Spotify. 🎶

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