Innellea and Juan Hansen collab on ‘Burning Out’

Innellea and Juan Hansen collab on ‘Burning Out’

A live video was also recorded.

Photo credit: Inellea – Official

German artist Innellea has released the second single  from his debut album, ‘The Belonging.’ Entitled ‘Burning Out’, it is a collaboration with Argentinean musician Juan Hansen, that is now available on Distorted Youth in collaboration with [PIAS] Électronique.

‘Burning Out’ takes listeners on a lyrical journey, with Juan Hansen’s guitar melodies and heartfelt vocals adding depth and emotion to the track. The synth chords and building choral notes create unity and progression, leading us toward catharsis. The cut transitions from a softer, acoustic feel to a more intense and fast-paced section.

Scheduled for release on February 9th, 2024, ‘The Belonging’ LP features collaborations with artists such as Flowdan, Monolink, CamelPhat, and Karin Park. Through the album, Innellea invites listeners to join him on a collective catharsis, offering solace from intense or suppressed emotions.

Listen and watch ‘Burning Out’ video below and download your copy here.

Pre-save ‘The Belonging’ here.

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