Innervisions unveils ‘Secret Weapons 17’

Innervisions unveils ‘Secret Weapons 17’

A showcase of Aera and Mehill.

Innervisions, Dixon & Âme’s label, recently released the first part of their latest compilation, ‘Secret Weapons 17’. It marks the beginning of a carefully curated series that will highlight the artistic skills of individual artists throughout the year.

‘Secret Weapons 17’ features two tracks that showcase the distinctive styles of Aera and Mehill.

Aera’s ‘Y.e.a.h.’ combines practicality and musicality with a hint of melancholy. With its steady beat and uplifting melody, this track leaves a lasting impression.

Mehill’s ‘It Is What It Is’ produces a vortex-like effect, amplified by an unconventional synth line. It has become a regular feature in recent sets by the label founders.

The visual aesthetics of Secret Weapons 17 were designed by The Royal Studio, and the mastering was done by Brian at Calyx.

Listen to ‘Secret Weapons 17 (Package #1 Aera / Mehill)’ below and download your copy here.

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