Introducing ‘No More Talking’, the debut EP by Jed Holland

Introducing ‘No More Talking’, the debut EP by Jed Holland

Available now via The Other Songs label.

Photo credit: Jed Holland – Official

London-based music label, The Other Songs, recently introduced the debut EP by indie soul artist Jed Holland, entitled ‘No More Talking’.

Drawing inspiration from renowned musicians like Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, Jed Holland has developed a musical style that resonates with listeners. Each song on the release explores a different aspect of Holland’s artistry, from the heartfelt track ‘Shelter’ to the relaxed vibes of ‘Still Breathing’ and the synthesizers in ‘Soulless.’

The artist spoke candidly about the personal challenges that have hindered his musical journey. He openly shared, “Various factors, especially my battles with mental health and my perfectionist tendencies, have held me back from releasing my own songs. The self-doubt I often experience seeps into my creative process, making it daunting to share my work. This EP delves into these themes, with ‘Shelter’ drawing inspiration from feelings of isolation and seclusion.”

Originally from rural Essex, Jed Holland discovered his love for music and the arts at a young age. Starting with the violin at six years old and writing his own songs by 13, Holland honed his skills through his involvement in an indie-folk band and as a session musician for various artists. His studies in Jazz at Leeds Conservatoire further shaped his musical style and greatly influenced his upcoming release.

Listen to ‘No More Talking’ below and grab your copy here.

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