Jae Soto releases new single ‘Working the Weekend’

Jae Soto releases new single ‘Working the Weekend’

Blending minimalist lyrics and playful synth sounds.

Photo credit: Jae Soto – Instagram

Brooklyn-based songwriter and producer Jae Soto has released her latest single entitled ‘Working the Weekend.’  The song offers a playful take on working-class life and combines minimalist lyrics with a danceable backdrop.

Using a vintage Roland Alpha Juno 2 synthesizer and Ableton Live’s Max MSP effects, the artist created a unique sound that contrasts bright, blippy elements with a heavy subject matter.

Jae Soto’s music spans indie-alternative and experimental pop, blending traditional songwriting with processed sounds. Before her solo career, she was a session singer, collaborating with modern jazz ensembles in New York City. Her diverse musical experiences influence her distinct sound, reflecting the city’s eclectic mix of cultures and sounds.

Listen to ‘Working the Weekend’ below and download your copy here.

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