Jamie Jones teams up with Jazzy on new single ‘We Groovin’

Jamie Jones teams up with Jazzy on new single ‘We Groovin’

Now available through Helix Records.

House music enthusiast and producer, Jamie Jones, has launched his latest single ‘We Groovin’, collaborating with Jazzy. The single is now accessible via Helix Records.

This house track blends Jazzy’s dynamic vocals with Jones’ knack for crafting complex textures and throbbing rhythms. “I have so much love for this tune. When Jamie sent me the demo and said he was looking for someone to jump on, it was such a surprise to me,” says Jazzy. “As someone who has been a fan of his for a long time, I jumped at the opportunity!”

‘We Groovin’ is the latest addition to Jones’ discography, following hit singles like ‘Fine Fine Baby’ and ‘Lose My Mind’. After his popular Paradise residency at Amnesia Ibiza, Jones began a North American tour and has plans to extend his Paradise series in Miami on March 22nd. He will then deliver a 4-hour set at Teksupport in NYC on May 4th, before touring Europe and performing at festivals such as Timewarp and Music on Festival.

Jazzy, a Brit-nominated Irish DJ, earned acclaim with her Irish #1 single ‘Giving Me’. Her mix of training and passion for club music led to a Top 5 UK single with Belters Only on ‘Make Me Feel Good’.

Listen to ‘We Groovin’ below and download your copy here.

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