John Digweed announces new album ‘Futuro’

John Digweed announces new album ‘Futuro’

With 25 exclusive tracks.

Photo credit: John Digweed  – Website

Renowned British DJ and producer, John Digweed, has announced his highly anticipated upcoming album titled ‘Futuro.’ The album features a collection of 25 exclusive tracks, showcasing Digweed’s exceptional curation skills.

Two singles will be released prior to the album’s launch. The first single, ‘Lectrobee,’ is a captivating breakbeat produced by the UK acid house artist, Bushwacka. This synth-driven track will be available via Bedrock Records on September 29th. Following closely ‘Bleu Cobalt,’ a collaboration between John Digweed, Nick Muir, and Captain Mustache, will be released on October 6th.

Pre-Order ‘Futuro’ here.

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