Jordan Nocturne drops new ‘Musique’ EP

Jordan Nocturne drops new ‘Musique’ EP

Out now via Permanent Vacation.

Photo credit: Jordan Nocturne – Official

Belfast-based music producer, DJ, remixer, Nocturne label owner, and resident at The Night Institute, Jordan Nocturne, has just released his latest creation, the ‘Musique’ EP. This EP takes you on a sonic journey, capturing the vibrant nightlife and infectious energy of Belfast’s club scene.

The title track, ‘Musique’, immediately grabs your attention with its retro-inspired fast-paced bass kick and snare combo. The driving bassline intensifies the atmosphere, while the Italo-infused main synth line ignites the dancefloor. It blends classic elements with a contemporary twist, delivering an Italo sound with a distinctive Irish touch.

‘Get Into It’ brings us back to the roots of house music. With its precise bass click, 80’s drum machines, and seductive synths, this track transports us to where it all began. The chopped vocal line commands you to groove along and ‘Get Into The Music’, immersing yourself in its infectious beats.

Completing the trilogy, ‘Acyd’ embraces retro drum machines and a driving bass, delivering a mind-bending, acid house top line.

Listen to the ‘Musique’ below and download your copy here.

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