Joy Orbison releases five sought-after tracks from 2009-2010

Joy Orbison releases five sought-after tracks from 2009-2010

The compilation is entitled ‘archive 09-10.’

Photo credit: Joy Orbison – Facebook

Joy Orbison has surprised fans with the release of a collection featuring five of his most sought-after tracks from the archive. These tracks date back over a decade to 2009-2010. The compilation, titled ‘archive 09-10’, is now available digitally for the first time through TOSS PORTAL, the artist’s self-run label.

The cuts included in this release are ‘tentative bidding demo’, ‘smother demo’, ‘ladywell’, ’em & aitch’, and ‘gr etiquette’. All of these tracks were produced between 2009 and 2010, during the same period as his breakthrough single ‘Hyph Mngo’.

‘archive 09-10’ brings together old demos, shared MP3s, and vinyl-only releases that have become integral to his sets over the years, gaining increasing popularity throughout the decade.

Joy Orbison stated, “Sometimes it’s okay to look back, but keep your ears peeled for what’s coming next.”

Listen to ‘archive 09-10’ below and get your copy here.

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